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With the rapid technological development in the 4.0 era, when the Internet was popularized everywhere, social networks were the place where people used to exchange, share, spread news, trends, ... then SnapSave Company was created with the purpose of giving users the tools to download videos from popular social networks such as TikTok, FaceBook, Instagram ... and many more utilities in the future to help users unleash. capture the moments, videos that customers love with the sharpest sound and resolution: typical products like SnapSave.App can save facebook videos with sharpness up to 4K in the world first. From a room just enough to equip a desk with a few computers, the SnapSave Company has taken its steps with small products, products with no users, and little investment. Just 1 year, the company has released Tikmate the top 1 product trusted by tiktok users to download videos, affirming the capacity and quality that they can bring to users.


Phong Vu - Technology expert

Mission statement:

For customers:

Providing a variety of products and services with the highest standards possible and constantly listening to ideas to develop and update constantly to satisfy customers carefully. most calculated.

For partners:

Building a relationship of trust, prestige, harmony of interests, cooperation for sustainable development.

To Employees:

Treat all employees with respect and fairness. To create equal development opportunities, help together, build and maintain a friendly, professional, dynamic and creative working environment so that everyone can bring out their best.

For society:

Always transparent, the company's interests go hand in hand with the benefits for society and SnapSave Company always tries to test every new idea to be able to solve some problems for society.

Vision statement:

- Become a leader in creating downloadable tools
- The SnapSave brand is famous all over the world
- Always stay ahead of the trend in order to meet the user's needs as quickly as possible


- Tikmate.Online: is the top 1 tik tok video downloader in the field of tiktok video downloader used by millions of people around the world every day.
- SnapSave.App: web download free facebook videos up to 4K quality is trusted by thousands of users.

- FastUpLoad.Co: video upload, file upload, mp3 upload.... tool extremely fast is also uploaded hundreds of thousands of each day and of course it is also free.
- SnapTwitter.Com
- SnapInsta.App

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Address: 168 Robinson Rd, Singapore 068912

Zip Code: 68912

Phone: +65 6293 5900


SnapSave.Co is a Technology company that creates Tools for downloading videos on the Internet. Founded in 2015, SnapSave.Co is a website that allows users to download videos and other media from entertainment websites, such as Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, and more…

SnapSave is the best video downloader available today that allows you to download online videos quickly and for free.